What is the method to lock the profile picture on Facebook?

Want to know the process to lock your Facebook profile picture? Recently, Facebook introduced a new feature that allows users to lock profile pictures and keep their accounts more secure than before. Facebook has added this feature to ensure the safety of the users so that they do not fall victim to a fake account by the fraudsters. In recent years, many Facebook users have complained that some fraudsters have created a fake account with their profile picture. These people then use the fake account to cheat on the victim’s friends whose profile picture they use on Facebook. To control such fraud, Facebook allows the locking of the profile picture. Those who are willing to learn how to lock my Facebook profile,

Learn the procedure to lock your Facebook profile picture?

Since Facebook added the feature to lock profile picture quite recently, many people don’t have proper knowledge about it. Therefore, follow the procedure below to learn how My Facebook Profile Picture is locked:

First method to lock profile picture

  • First of all, you need to open the official webpage of Facebook in a browser
  • Continue to login to your Facebook account by entering your user ID and password
  • Then navigate to your profile picture in the top left corner of the menu
  • Then click on your Facebook profile picture to view it.
  • Navigate further to the Options tab and choose Enable Profile Photo Guard from the popup
  • After this, a badge will be displayed on your Facebook profile picture to indicate that it is locked. (Even though there are tools to view locked facebook profile photos online)

Second method to lock profile picture

  • Go to the Facebook website and go to the account login section
  • Then login to your registered account by entering your user ID and password
  • Furthermore, you need to look for the Facebook help option in the top right menu
  • Then scroll through the list under Help Center and tap on the Privacy Shortcuts option
  • Then a pop-up will appear where you have to choose to see more settings
  • After that, make sure that none of the options are marked as everyone or public
  • Or else choose the Edit tab to change the option to friends marked as public or everyone

Finally, save the settings for locking your Facebook profile picture
So the full details about the information you are looking for, how to lock my Facebook picture to save from fraudsters can be found above. By the way, if you encounter any problem while locking the profile picture on your Facebook account, feel free to contact Facebook Support for proper assistance from a live agent.