FBminsk is popular since 2015, we help people to view facebook photos and profiles which are locked to the outer world. We abide by the rules of law, and we do not keep a track of your data. All the searches are private and for your eyes only. Sometimes it’s better to keep an eye on your children and close-ones. This tool helps you to keep a track on them. Social media is a two-way knife which should be used with care.

Facebook connects people but sometimes it’s unfair to lock their profiles and send you friend requests or messages. You wont be able to identify the person clearly when they have locked their profile. FBminsk comes handy in such cases. We help you to stay anonymous. You’re viewing their profiles through us.


We are a group of experts in writing, web design and coders. We produce ultimate solutions to burning problems to aid people. This is an outcome of such a project. We hope our solution would satisfy you and unlock the doors you desire. That’s about us. You can send us your feedback and comments through the contact box, we’re happy to help. Use the tool with care and please do not abuse it. Share it among your friends.